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               0098-51-32400298   marketing@sinaebtekar.ir

Self-sufficiency in the industry

Our expertise is in the production of blood plasma and its drug products.This is achieved by the production of high-end centrifuge machines, blast freezer, sealer for the first time in Iran and the Middle East by Sina Ebtekar Company.

The highest quality level

With the aim of self-sufficiency and independence of the Iranian industry, Sina Ebtekar Co. has succeeded in innovating the supply of medical and laboratory products with valuable uses in accordance with national and international standards.

Old experience, new thinking

The Sina Ebtekar Engineering Equipment Company (METSA) was established in 2002 with the promotion of community health through the use of young forces with a high level of design and engineering, based on technical and technological knowledge.

our products

نمایش همه

Hemo Tube Sealer MHS Series


Design and production

Carrying out all research, engineering and conversion projects as well as the needs of the day to applied products


Support and overhaul of centrifuge machines, freeze dryers, sealers, balancing rotary centrifugal systems, including rotors, shields and …

Creative team

In addition to producing machines, the company is considering providing a variety of CNC milling and normal CNC milling services, portable and vertical balancing and …

Varied services

One of the main pillars of the dynamics of systems and executive teams is the creativity of forces alongside collective creative intelligence. Creativity coherence with teamwork, leads to high jumps in the scientific and industrial fields.


Certificates and honors